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Tangerine Dream - Zeit

Tangerine Dream - Zeit
This is my first Tangerine Dream album. Apparently not their most accessible one. It dates back to 1972. The year of the Munich olympics, the first (and last) olympic games I followed on tv from start to finish. I bought the cd two weeks ago. At first listen I wasn't too impressed. Some weird sounds but the music never seemed to start. I was reminded of an Indian raga player tuning his sitar for 75 minutes.

But then I listened to it full blast at night on the German Autobahn with the cruise control on 150 km/h. And suddenly some very low notes (probably from Florian Fricke's moog synthesizer on the second piece Nebulous Dawn) hit me. There are absolutely no drums or percussions on this album but I somehow felt a kind of earth beat. The sound of the earth turning around itself.

Zeit means time. And that's what the music is all about. 75 minutes without anything happening. Pure time. On the cover there is a total eclipse. All animals stop making sounds when the sun disappears behind the moon. Time is standing still.

There is also a cello quartet playing on this record. It gives a modern classical aspect to the music. Like Ligeti (not that I know Ligeti) or something. There is hardly a hint of a tune anywhere. It is pretty challenging stuff. More dark than bright.

The synthesizers and organs evoke helicopters, water bubbles, bird's twitter, fast dripping water and monks humming "OM".

I never tried LSD but I guess this is the ultimate acid record. It has to be played on very good loudspeakers otherwise the cosmic effect gets lost. On headphones it's less good somehow. Maybe because it is more universal than pure mind music. Or maybe it has to do with the reverb which is used a lot.

This album is so far-ahead of any time, it's unbelievable. It anticipates ambient, new age and post-rock. Of course there are no crescendoes. That would have been too generic. It is the music of the stars. The pulsars and quasars.


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