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Update: The most useful site in this category is the mp3 blog aggregator. You can even add your own mp3 blog there if you like. Right now (22/07) there are 45 mp3 blogs covered in the digest.

Another aggregator: Web Nymph Aggregator Music, MP3s Headlines.

There are quite a lot of blogs out there which host mp3s or links to mp3s somewhere on the internet and whose authors usually write something about the music. A small selection:

  • gabba / POD with short texts on a wide spectrum of music like soul, electro, house etc. including older heroes like Robert Wyatt, Roxy Music, Josef K, Tocotronic and the latest hip stuff like M83, Pluramon...
  • fluxblog by Matthew Perpetua with a good mix of indie and pop. Usually 1-2 mp3 links per day. Concise writing. Blogroll with mp3 blogs.
  • The Mystical Beast. Probably Definitely my favourite mp3 blog. Posts usually covering one artist. Older stuff ranging from Ride, Swans, Divine Comedy to the Jazz Butcher. And lots of bands I have never heard of but which are always worth to check out. Indie heaven. The writing is spot-on as well. Someone with a huge record collection who knows what I like. If the Mystical Beast pinged I'd be even more grateful. (thank you for the pinging and the link!)
  • said the gramophone: Sean from Montreal offers one to two mp3s per (almost daily) post. Usually on the mellower side of indie. Pretty expressive and poetic writing.
  • Kingblind, a very busy music blog focussing on news with several mp3 links per week and capsule reviews on the songs. Indierockish.
  • TalkieWalkie with indieish audio music links and short texts.
  • PopNose is Freaky Trigger's mp3 blog. Pop-oriented of course. What else would you expect from Tom Ewing and friends? Sound writing. Version 2 now integrated in NYLPM.
  • Burned By The Sun. From LA. Occasional mp3s in the classic (as opposite to dud) realm.
  • .: v5.0. Frank from Toronto posts one mp3 per week. The last song is a Madonna cover by Teenage Fanclub.
  • 75 or Less album reviews.: Collective album review site. 75 words max. per record with audio links.
  • fruits of chaos // a sampler mainly with Asian music. At least four songs per week. Rather new site I guess.
  • --Razor Blade Smile--. I have never heard of most of the music. Some Japanese stuff but also Placebo and the likes.
  • any similarities are purely coincidental concentrating on bad music like Heino, Kung Fu Fighting and everything you never ever wanted to listen to in your life but you couldn't escape.
  • largehearted boy, a boy, a girl, and his radio. Hardly any writing on the songs but lots of mp3 links to songs, shows and rarities. David has a soft spot for Guided By Voices.
  • totally fuzzy. Same thing. Mp3 links galore. Blogroll with many further pointers to mp3 blogs.

P.S. I forgot The Catbirdseat with links to external mp3s of usually new albums.

P.P.S. March, 9th and April, 4th. Some more which I discovered in the past month:

  • badgerminor has turned into an mp3 blog! Ca. two files per day and nice personal writing on exciting pop music which is usually not from the charts.
  • de subjectivisten mp3check is in Dutch and collects links to mp3s of music off the trodden paths. From Dutch rock, jazz to folk and back.
  • bubblegum machine offers two songs per week concentrating on 70s/80s pop preferably released on K-tel or Ronco.
  • soul sides with jazz, hiphop and soul tracks. And some indie goodness too.
  • tyrone shoelaces from Hongkong with music I don't know about. Probably young people's music in the field of dance, electronica, disco etc.
  • new(ish). Same story. The only band I know are Franz Ferdinand.
  • That's more like it. External links to Throbbing Gristle, Barbara Morgenstern etc.
  • punkassbitch hosts indie mp3s without reviews. Evan Dando, Beta Band, Sunny Day Real Estate, q-tip are downloadable right now.
  • Dream Chimney: Track of the Day is a collective mp3 blog featuring lots of goodies. Recent tracks by among others Eno, The Cure, Linda Thompson, Pavement, Beatles, Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
  • tofuhut with a very eclectic selection concentrating on world and jazz. Extremely busy site with oodles of music blog sidebar links organised by genre.
  • links to music blogs organised alphabetically



Another good mp3 site is Fingertips. Links to three free and legal mp3s per week with helpful review of each song.

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nice indeed. mission of burma has got exactly the punch i need now. and john vanderslice is someone else i had been wanting to check out for a long time. very fine songwriting. norfolk and western i really loved live.

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More mp3 rss feeds

Hi I have to rss feeds with mp3 enclosures..
scarped from and

[i removed the links, as i do not like publicity in my blog.

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you fergot the robot

don't forget music for robots:

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free song a day

mp3 blog that posts (very) hard-to-find music by international artists -- one new song each day that is a free download. the music comes from all over the world and covers most genres. if you've got really ecelctic tastes then take a look. free song a day

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International Artist

On you have Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian and Macedonian rock artist (forum name: zabavna / rock ).

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New Blog

I don't know how this site works, but I started a new MP3 blog...
Heavy Hearted & Waiting

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I run an electronic music blog called Knobtweakers -- probably the most popular in the genre. Certainly the most visible, with the possible exception of (RIP, Nick).

Another item missing from your list seems to be the monkeyfilter Mp3 Blog wiki:

It's a good resource, but it could use some cleaning up.

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Hello to all,
well i was try to make another one mp3 share forum. First that was a small group, but we grow up every day. You can see if you visit It's open community for all people in the world. We share pop, rock, punk, metal, techno, electric, jazz, classical, ethnic, disco, country, house, blues... albums. No need to register, but when you do that you have more options to use, like: chat, private messages, hidden forums (your wishlist, DivX etc.) We have just these rules:

  • no politics disscussion
  • no race, sexual or religion abuse

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runout groove

mine is the runout groove at
check. it. out.

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du hast recht, die angeblichen lifetime forward mailadressen von bigfoot wurden irgendwann ...
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Ich bin doch nicht der Einzige, der die Sun Bear Concerts für ...
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After the ecstacy, the laundry

Moments of transendence remind us of what is possible. We are here ...
by jacksawyer @ 11/4/19 11:08 PM
Another phantastic release from 1991 I only discovered a couple of days ...
by alex63 @ 6/8/18 11:05 PM
LOL nö eigentlich nicht. Ich antworte mal vorsichtig:
by liuea @ 6/8/18 10:08 PM
Danke, nach fast 15 Jahren nun also die zweite Antwort einer Frau. ...
by alex63 @ 6/8/18 7:06 PM

sorry only in german

hier aus weiblicher sicht je nach lebensalter: erst erwachen, dann desinteresse, heulanfälle, ...
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