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Neil Young - Greendale

Nine short live audio clips (mainly spoken word intros) of Neil Young's new project Greendale which is supposed to be released as CD and DVD in August. Some impressions of Greendale which Neil Young performs on his current tour here at ILM:

Well, be prepared for something like a high-school play, with Crazy Horse playing the score. Not in an entirely awful way -- but fucking deep, deep inside Neil's fantasy life, and that's a guy with the will and the means to stay submerged in fantasy indefinitely.

P.S. Here is my review. I am still not sure what to think of this album.


on his acoustic european solo-tour this spring young didn't show up with crazy horse to tell the tale of the folks in greendale. ;-) he was playing the new songs from the yet-to-be released cd in the first half of the show, and it was an impressing performence. the material and youngs funny story-telling were gripping enough for most of the audience not to become bored. i can't imagine the songs to be played by crazy horse.

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but, on the other hand: "they did the Greendale "novel", complete with really really bizarre jazz-dance/pantomime cast, Poncho playing Wurlitzer elctric piano, goofy projections -- a truly strange experience" (ILM) doesn't sound bad.

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metafilter thread on greendale. the people who have seen the concept album performed live are overall quite positive about it.

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Greendale could be here...

I've followed Neil since Harvest, surfing California to "Tonights the Night", "Zuma" and "American Stars & Bars" in the Rust never sleeps late 70s early 80s...Greendale is a continuation of that unexplainable positive west coast long gone life hard play hard continue with you and yours to make art and keep everyone moving forward...whew! I took 12 peeps from 13 to geezer (me @47) and everyone of em connected to a unilateral vibe. Best concert of my life, and until this it had been the "Rust" tour...thanks my friends.

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Greendale tour Houston Tx

Wonderful... new material presented with dramatic vignettes accompanied by a viewmaster-reminiscent projected graphic background. Amazingly effective, after the 'camp' effect wore off. The spirit of hope and rigorous ethical, moral standards was still quite apparant, incorporating some scathing political and moral criticism. Really refreshing, and a powerful reminder of how solidly perceptive and hopeful the movers/shakers of the 60's really were. Good stuff, soul food, in the best way.

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Comments to Greendale Concert

Went to see my absolute favorite musician. Instead saw/heard Neil and Crazy Horse peform a BAD 3rd grade play with embarrasing perfomances on stage and such stupid antics , was so embarrased I couldn't watch it anymore. Left concert after 20 minutes. Neil in great voice and guitar was perfect, but this was flat out stupid.
Am open minded and LOVE new material, but the antics on stage were just too much to take.

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Greendale = Genius

I went to see Neil without any idea of what was to come. I knew that it would be different. I knew that it would be new music. Always is. I expected it to be good. I was wrong. It was incredible.
More powerful than I have seen him in many years. He poured his heart out the way he used to. The music was soulful and the lyrics were heartfelt. The vignettes were entertaining and interesting. Ihad never seen anything like that before. No one has ever had the guts to pull something like this off before.
I bought the album the day it came out and it has not been out of my CD player since. There is everything here. Everything that Neil has been singing about for years. Love, hate, frustration, pain, guilt, sorrow, and passion.
If you have a god then get in touch with them and give thanks that there are still artists like Neil Young that are willing to take a risk. Aren't in it only for the money and the fame. Let the Neil detractors Like Steve Miller and Def Leppard have their schmaltzy crap. We've got a man with true soul.

Long Live Warren Zevon.

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God Bless Neil Young and Crazy Horse!!!!

The album: a folk tale from a magical storyteller with a deeply solid band locked into barroom swinging grooves. love the 'jam recorded in a barn' feel- so perfect. the casual complexity of the characters, plot, delivery, rhymes, the political intent, the rock'n'roll... this is a masterpiece. Can't get over Neil & Horse still laying them down. But then I saw the show.

The show (Scranton, PA): I guess it takes the experience, clout, networking, money etc. of rare megarock stars that care like Neil Young to make something like this happen. Though I had to part with $32.50 for a spot on the lawn, if that was partly paying for his 50+ entourage of cast, crew (!!!quick changes, theatrical lighting, a moving set, and the sound, my god the sound...), video artists, etc. that helped make the show magical then thanks y'all. Neil and Horse sounded better than on recordings. The whole thing was mind-blowing. So much hope, so much freedom, so much inspiration, so much good force throughout the show. This is all that you could ask for from a show. And thanks for coming back out after the greendale set and getting heavy. Man, was there a deep peace floating through the crowd- everybody singing Cortez the Killer... all ages swaying, holding their loved ones close with lighters in the air loving it up. After all the killer tunes, five encores, (I could barely hold up and I'm a 23 yr old tough girl) I had been thinkin the most crazy thing he could do was play the star spangled banner- hendrix woodstock style. I can only hear it on tape or watch it on a TV and try to imagine what it was like... But Neil was there, and by god, he ended the show with it. And we got to feel it. Tears welled up- it was a monumentous moment in my simple young life. This is what rock'n'roll's about, and Neil and Horse know, and they're out there burning it into the hearts of fans like me. Infinite thanks for all the hard work.

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