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Extremely sad and totally unexpected: Grant McLennan, frontman of the Go-Betweens died in his sleep yesterday (ILM thread). He was only 48 years old. No way can I listen to Streets of Your Town without tears in my eyes today.

P.S. Another ILM thread on favourite Grant McLennan songs.
A longer post in commemoration over at vain, selfish & lazy.

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It was about time...

Miami, Death Party and Las Vegas Story will be re-released in October on Sympathy for the Record Industry.

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Howe Gelb

has a new album out: Ogle Some Piano. As the title indicates it is another piano release (the second after the wonderful mix of late-hour jazz with classical elements of Lull Some Piano) with some help of his Giant Sand bandmates John Convertino and Joey Burns plus the usual gang of friends.

Ninety second streams from Aquarius Records which brought this to my attention in their latest newsletter:

In the 2003 interview for Delusions of Adequacy Howe speaks of his third child, his scatterbrain, the new piano record, the relative success of Calexico compared to the father band Giant Sand, his Danish séjour, the Band of Blacky Ranchette and playing in bands which are not his own, Evan Dando, Kristin Hersh etc.

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Waiting for Godot?

Will there be a My Bloody Valentine EP Box Set and if yes when will it come out? According to the latest news the release date will be late 2005 or early 2006. All this sounds very My Bloody Valentinesque to my ears.

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For collectors of shoegazing

Infos on two box sets including a live and music video DVD spanning My Bloody Valentine's entire career over at Kingblind. Scheduled release date not before end of next year. Apparently there won't be any post Loveless material included.

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Closing the Janet case

The two most interesting observations concerning the Janet Jackson incident:

1) "You know, I'm almost completely shocked by the near complete lack of commentary on the irony of a Jackson being molested by a boy." (from here)

2) The most amazing thing on the photo are not her breasts nor the piercing but how ugly her face looks. Or how uncomfortable she feels. Which kind of saves her in a way. Or maybe not. Maybe that's just not professional. Next time when you will show both of them we want you smiling, Janet!

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Yo La Tengo news

There is a new album titled Summer Sun out on April 8th. An mp3 of the song Don't Have To Be So Sad (also on the EP Sleep and Release to be released on Februry 18th) is already available here on the Matador site. A laid-back warm and calm downbeat song very much in the vein of And Then Nothing.... Pitchfork provides the tracklisting and US tour dates and reports:

The album, appropriately titled Summer Sun, "finds [the band] exploring the sunny landscapes of summer, in every imaginable mode of music," according to the Matador website. "From the gorgeous 'Little Eyes' to the ten-minute jam 'Let's Be Still', this may be Yo La Tengo's most ambitious album to date." In a post to the official Matador message board yesterday, label Co-President Gerard Cosloy described the record as "a bit all over the musical map. It won't sound entirely out of place alongside And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out... a subtle stylistic shift, I'd say. Swinging stuff."

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Noel covering Ryan covering Noel

Chris Whitfiled from Americana UK about Oasis rerecording Wonderwall:

NME reports: "Oasis have re-recorded their most famous single 'Wonderwall', NME can exclusively reveal. The group originally released the Britpop anthem in October 1995 when it entered the UK chart at Number Two, and it is now acknowledged as a landmark record for a generation and the most famous Oasis song ever. Noel Gallagher re-entered a studio over the festive period to re-record the track and sources close to the band have told NME that the new version is "completely different" to its studio predecessor, with Noel singing instead of Liam. The new version is believed to have been inspired by Ryan Adams, who covered the song recently in his live set. Noel recently commented: "I never got my head round this song until I went to see Ryan Adams play and he did an amazing cover of it. So now I'm going to cover one of my own songs in the style of Ryan Adams." An Oasis insider told NME: "Since he saw Ryan Adams playing his song in a completely different way, it's rejuvenated his interest in it. It's given Noel a way to make it his own again.""

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The beginning of the end of p2p?

Yahoo! News - Verizon Must Reveal Internet Song Swapper (via planing lakes)

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New releases in March

According to Aquarius Records again:

---- March
Woven Hand "s/t" domestic release on Sounds Familyre
Califone tba cd/lp on Thrill Jockey
Howe Gelb "Listener" cd/lp on Thrill Jockey
Howe's new album apparently is inspired by the painting The Listener by Pasqualina Azzarello. Those ears remind me a little of my own jug ears. I am exaggerating of course...

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