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Signac - "Collioure"
Brauch ich jetzt. Den Pointillismus von Paul Signac mit dem Motiv des Kirchturms von Collioure zwischen dem Meer, dem Wein und den Bergen. Wie schön, dass es damals noch keine Touristen gab. Vielleicht hat sie Signac ja auch nur weggepunktet. Ich gucke übrigens gerade auf genau dasselbe Motiv von einem recht unbekannten naiv-surrealen Maler namens Nosjean. Mit vielen Leuten, die auf dem schneebedeckten Strand eine Menge Blödsinn treiben. Eines der ganz wenigen Originale in unserem Haus.

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Franz Marc - Red Deer II

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My favourite painting

Franz Marc - Kämpfende Formen

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"Je suis un inconditionnel du ciel de mon père." (David Mc Neil, le fils de Chagall sur France Inter il y a une heure)

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The Art Test (via Absintheur)
Usually I am not very fond of online tests but this one is different. I like the idea. What intrigues me now: if I were a piece of music would I like to listen to me? The result of the art test:

"If I was a work of art, I would be Claude Monet's Waterlilies.

I am soft and gentle, but very colourful. Although based in reality, I look at the world through a filter of impressions which shape how I see things. Splashes of light help to define my presence and bring an endearing quality.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test"

I like to look at me as a painting. That is nice. Blue has always been my favourite colour. And we have a Monet poster in our sleeping room. The painting captures my dreamy side quite well. Dreamy and clear-sighted at the same time. That's how I dream of myself at least.

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We went to see the Van Gogh exhibition in the Frankfurt Städel museum. Actually it is not only about Van Gogh but also about his painter friends who developed new styles based on the then predominant impressionism. The exhibition has been organised by the Saint Louis Art Museum and the full name is Vincent Van Gogh and the painters of the petit boulevard.

There were three pictures which really impressed me. The first one was by the man himself. One of his last works called Stairway at Auvers from 1890. It is actually on the cover of the catalog. As so often with Van Gogh the colours are very impressive. In this painting there are many variations of green together with some yellow, blue, red and white. It is not a light radiating picture as for example the Sunflowers. But it is still quite bright. In the middle there are the yellow stairs which an old man with a walking-stick descends. In the front there are two pairs of women, two older women dressed in dark green and two young women dressed in white. I do not want to go on with the description as I am not very good at it. What I like about the painting besides the colour composition is that it is so full of details (almost crammed) and that I did not know it before. With pictures it is like with music. If you have seen them too often you get tired of them. When looking at that painting I get the impression Van Gogh knew that he was going to die soon and he tried to put as much of himself into it as possible. That is why it is slightly crammed.

Charles Angrand, of whom I had not heard of before, painted the Seine at Dawn in 1889 (that was the year when Nietzsche became mad). That is a picture reminding me a lot of Monet as you see a man in a boat on the Seine with the silhouette of Paris in the background.The style is already kind of pointillistic. This painting is a chef d'oeuvre of understatement. There is hardly anything to see. It is very inconspicuous. Just dots in green, yellow, white and different blue tones. From the distance everything is pale blue, but really pale. In the original the boat was surrounded by a halo which I cannot see anymore on the reproduction.

The last painting I liked is the View of Collioure from 1887 by Paul Signac. Another painter I did not know before but I am quite a peasant concerning the visual arts. He seems to be the painter who excelled most in pointillism. In the said picture he melds blue and pink red so that the result is amazingly warm and serene. A funny thing was that the art historian speaking at the audio guide talked all the time of orange roofs etc. But in the original the roofs were obviously pink or pink red. Afterwards I had a look at the postcard and the catalogue. There I saw that the reproduction really was a little orange. It seems to be almost impossible to have authentic colour reproductions. What I like about pointillism is that it is a different perspective towards the world. Everything is not continuous anymore but much more fragmentary and isolated. But when you have a look from the distance you cannot see it.

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