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40 years, 40 albums poll 1991

Which of the following is your favourite album?


P.S. Too much great music released in 1991. I couldn't boil it down to 10 releases. The Field Mice comp is from 1998 but they called it quits in November 1991. That's why they are here.


i voted for "dondestan" - not because i think it's so fabulous but just because we've just got to keep "loveless" from topping yet another list. i perfectly understand it's charms but it's not one that's fully connected with me.

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your comments are very much appreciated, phil, but is there no album from 1991 which you LOVE? i didn't put nevermind in the poll as it would be only my no. 13. i like it a lot though. but i guess that wouldn't be your choice neither. other albums which i liked in 1991:

  • blue aeroplanes - beat songs (their 2nd best after swagger)
  • mercury rev - yerself is steam (crazy magic mushroom stuff)
  • the orb - the orb's adventures beyond the ultraworld (one song especially: fluffy clouds)
  • prince - diamonds and pearls (very relaxing for prince)
  • rem - out of time (you know the one song about losing faith or something, a personal memory with a girl involved)
  • sting - the soul cages (even more relaxing)

btw i was thinking of choosing loveless but right now i am in favour of something softer but more focussed, i guess.

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don't you want somebody to love

but is there no album from 1991 which you LOVE? unfortunately, there isn't. i only own about 10 releases from that year and none of them are ones i adore. massive attack's 'blue lines' has 'unfinished symphony' but little else eno's 'my squelchy life' wasn't really released and is a bit annoying anyway morton feldman's 'for samuel beckett' is too oblique to really love joni mitchell's 'night ride home' is a lesser album from one of my favourite artists talk talk's 'laughing stock' is more of the same that made 'spirit of eden' so great and they're the ones i actively like a lot. must be my 80s hangover still occurring. now, if you were discussing 1992 then that'd be a different matter.

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The two albums that stick in my mind from 1991 are 'Seamonsters' and 'Out Of Time', they meant more to me than 'Nevermind' or 'Bandwagonesque' (Teenage Fanclub made better albums subsequently, imho). 'Seamonsters' is one of the most under-rated records of all time in my view, I'm very impressed you included it as one of the options!

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was a fave of mine in the winter of 1991/92. i listened to a tape of it (made by a friend from nottingham who introduced me to indie) in the car on the way from luxembourg to aachen (another girl) and back. it is very powerful and dark. i never got the lyrics, gedge's mumbling is hard to understand but the music stands on its own.

the only other teenage fanclub i like (and know) is grand prix. anything i missed?

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Just after Bandwagonesque and before Grand Prix TFC brought out Thirteen, which is my favourite - strong writing, but the band still sound rough-and-ready and not as polished as later.

One album from the same period I'll always love is Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet.

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'Songs From Northern Britain' and 'Grand Prix' are my favourite Teenage Fanclub albums, probably in that order.

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Quality of CD

This CD is SUPERB!!!

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Another phantastic release from 1991 I only discovered a couple of days ago. The Rain Tree Crow album!

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