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Dance of the kings

White only moves his king and mates in 6. A chess problem (a composition which is not from a game). White mates in six moves. Secondary condition: White only moves the King. A useless hint: Black only moves the King too.

A good example of why I love chess. It is full of surprises. There is humour in chess. And beauty. The beauty of simplicity. As in maths actually.

I got the diagram from Chessmaster 6000 but I am not too happy with it. The green is annoying and the size is too big. Does any of my readers know of an online resource to create nice black and white diagrams out of chess positions?

P.S. Another hint. This problem is about elegance: The white King asks the black king for a dance. It will be their last dance. White's King will have a small snack during the dance and will step out of the line of fire at the right moment for the lethal end. There are two dances, you were right in your comment, Phil. One is to the left (including an opulent last meal) and the other one to the right (the abstinent option). That is politeness and style in a macabre way. Black's King has got the choice how to dance into his own grave: with a full belly or without.



I found both solutions (depending on which way the black King goes). A fun little problem!

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is the pawn on g4 doing in this problem? in a good problem there are no useless pieces. a good problem is scarce, every piece in it serves a purpose, the pawn on g4 doesn't seem to serve any purpose. or am i missing something?

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Escape via f5

Doesn't the g-pawn ensure that Black's king doesn't escape via f5 (after, say, 1. Kf5 Kd4 2. Ke6 Ke4 3. Kd6), and thence to f6 or g6 and beyond?

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are right, phil. i was schachblind yesterday.

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I made a mistake too --

That key move should be 1. Ke7, not 1. Kf5. I think I had it right when I initially solved the puzzle, but misremembered when I answered your note. (In the line I gave, the mate takes one move too long after 3...Kd4, whereas with the king initially on e7 it can meet 1...Kd4 with 2. Kd6.)

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i fukkin love

radiohead is jusgetting better and better.. and that's just what i think.. im very tired as well as thom may be.. i understand his druggie ass ways

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